Kieslowski e Zizêk

“Kieslowski advocates neither the moralistic dismissal of life on behalf of the mission nor the cheap wisdom of advocating simple life against mission; he is fully aware of the mission’s limitation. Exemplary here is The Scar (1976), the story of an honest Communist cadre who, as a director, comes to a small provincial town to construct a new chemical factory. He wants to make local people happier, bring progress; however, the factory not only causes environmental problems and undermines traditional ways of life, it also conflicts with the short-term interests of the townspeople. Disillusioned, he gives up his post… The problem here is that of the good – who knows what is good for others, who can impose his good on others? This inconsistency of different forms of good is the topic of the film: although the director succeeds socially (the factory is built), he is aware that he has failed ethically. We see here why Freud was sceptical towards the ethical motto ‘Do to others only what you would like them to do to you.’ The problem with it is not that it is too idealistic, overestimating the ethical capacity of man; Freud’s point is rather that, if one takes into account the basic perversion of human desire, then the very application of this motto leads to strange results – one certainly wouldn’t like a masochist to follow this precept.”.” Slavoj Zizèk ‘The frigth of real tears’ (2001)

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Como disse no post anterior, é uma pena que o público seja pequeno nos cineclubes da cidade. Mas ao mesmo tempo entendo que é complicado educar o gosto do povo e exigir público numa segunda-feira à noite também seja difícil. Gosto muito do pensamento do Zizek e o pouco que sei sobre Lacan aprendi lendo “How do read Lacan”. Recomendo “Guia do pervertido do cinema”, um documentário que Zizek fez para uma rede de televisão, no qual analisa alguns filmes clássicos sob um olhar psicanalítico.


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